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Competitive Exams….


Competitive Exams…. What? Why? How? Who? When? Where?

Or Why Government Job?

F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why we suggest Government job as a career option?

Because it is the best career option in these times. One spends lakhs of rupees in professional courses like MBA, MCA, CA, CS, Engineering etc and yet the job market is not so promising for any of these. Salary as low as 6000 or 8000 are offered in an expensive city like Rajkot. A salary of 15,000 in Ahmedabad or any other outside station is equal to 6000 in your hometown as one has to undergo various expenses when staying away from home. Government job offers a salary of 44,000* for post of Officer and 25,000* for post of Clerk as per 6th pay commission, it is expected to go much higher with the implementation of 7th pay commission.

Added advantages are:

·       Social status

·       Limited working hours

·       Job security

·       Various allowances like house rent, children’s education, medical facilities for family etc

So this is the best career option according to us.

2. How to get a government job or What is a competitive exam?

Various boards of Government or agencies like IBPS, SSC, UPSC, GPSC, GSSSB etc conduct exams to find eligible candidates for filling vacancies in various departments. These exams are called competitive exams. They are called so because of the competitive nature of exams and the efforts one has to go through to clear them

3. Who can appear for these exams?

Most of the competitive exams require graduates. Graduation in any field is enough be it BA, BCom, BBA, BCA, BE, BSc, or any other field. Most of the govt jobs do not require any minimum percentage in graduation to appear in competitive exams, however some of them do require some minimum marks. Candidates can accordingly apply in the suitable exams. Candidates appearing in final year exam of graduation are also eligible to appear in most of the exams. No. of attempts taken to clear the graduation exam or ATKT is also not a problem for appearing in competitive exams. It provides you a fresh chance to build your career.

Some of the jobs are also open to 12th pass students like SSC HSL and many exams taken by govt. of Gujarat.

4. When should one start preparing for competitive exams?

The best time to start preparing for these exams is after passing the 12th class exam or during graduation, but it is never too late to start. The age limit to appear in an officer level exam is 30 years for general candidates and 28 for clerical job. So if you are aware of these exams right at the college stage, you should not wait for their graduation to complete, because you are eligible for some of the very good posts right after your 12th exam, you would also be prepared well in advance for graduation level exams when your college is completed when the rest of your classmates will be clueless of what to do next. You can also guide your friends to start preparing for them at an earlier stage. Besides, one has ample amount of time to prepare for these exams during college years so instead of wasting that time, its better to utilize it for your career.

Of the main reasons of students not clearing these exams is they start preparing quite late. You should not wait for the forms to come out before preparing. Almost all the boards publish their annual calendar well in advance. You should be prepared before the exam comes as your competition at national level is preparing round the year. So they are always in a better position to clear these exams than one who starts after the forms are out.

5. Can I prepare for competitive exams alongwith a private job?

Of course you can, but it is not advisable to take a job if you have not taken one yet. Private jobs are often exploitative in nature. You put in 8 to 10 hours of your labour in a job and get hardly 6-8000 in return so that is anyhow not worth it. After completing such a tiring job you will also not be left with much energy to study for competitive exams. The nature of these exams is becoming highly competitive so it needs focused daily study of at least 4-6 hrs if one wants to clear it in one go. If your job does not let you clear your exam in one go, it will cost you salary of one year i.e. 40,000 per month or 5 lakh a year. So it is anyhow not advisable to take a private job. However, there are many success stories of candidates who have cleared exams alongwith a job. In the end, it depends on how much you can put in in a day.

6. Where to get the right guidance for competitive exams?

JJ Tutorials is the pioneer institute in the field of competitive exams in Gujarat, building career since 1980. We provide you the most qualified and experienced teachers available who will prepare you for any exam of India. Our Master Training Programme prepares you for all the exams in one go. Our 35 years of research in each and every subject and chapter equips you with the best of the strategy to crack the exam. Read more in detail here (provide a link of prospectus)